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Sensing the Troubles as Everyday History by Katherine McKee

At the beginning of 2022, Katherine McKee joined the project as an intern, part of her coursework for a History MA at Queens University Belfast. It was absolutely wonderful having Katherine on board. She made brilliant suggestions and was really great to work with. Katherine has written about what she learned from the experience. Sensing […]

A piece in the Irish Times on the project

31 May 2022 I speak to Kieran online, long distance. He talks about his childhood during the Troubles and throughout the conversation there is a push-pull between the narrative of normality wrapped around evidence of things far from ordinary. About an hour into the conversation Kieran talks about going to see Kenneth Branagh’s film Belfast […]

Fragments of Conflict

It was Christmas 1973 and a little girl drew a picture of the nativity. When her teacher asked ‘if the spiky shape above the stable was a star’, the girl replied, ‘Oh no, Miss – that’s the helicopter’. The child lived in the Creggan in Derry and her school was beside a well-known flashpoint so, […]